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Organization Membership Registration Form

Completing this form will give us the information necessary to open a membership for your organization.
Once you are done you can select your preferred method of payment (check/credit card).
Regardless of the method of payment selected you will be granted full access to all our online resources
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    When an organization purchases a membership they are assigned a unique URL for their members to login.
    The format for the URL is always:"name of org"
    Please indicate what words or letters you wish to use for the "Name of Org" mentioned above.
    It should be something short that the members of your organization will be familiar with or that will be easy for them to remember (for example the abbreviation for your organization or band).

    One person from your organization needs to be designated as account administrator for this membership.
    It should be someone who will have the time to become familiar with the various resources it contains and someone with a strong interest in promoting the use of these resources.