The most powerful addiction reality check your child could ever get!

Educating youth about where addiction can take you is what we do!

Let them see the ugly reality of the worst drug infested ghetto in all of North America

The most powerful Scared Straight experience ever!

Lessons from the ghetto!

Do you suspect that your child has been using drugs? Are you concerned that they are hanging out with the wrong crow?. Is the idea of your child getting caught up in a lifestyle of addiction keeping you up at night? Is the possibility of your child ruining their lives your worst nightmare?

If you have a child that you think is at risk of getting caught up in addiction you should be worried because serious addiction is a reality for one out of every five people in North America and or the majority of those people, it all started when they were teenagers smoking pot and drinking beer never thinking it would ever lead to anything serious. Addiction in the number one reason that kids fail to get a good education, ruin their live and is also a leading cause of death among teenagers. 

It is unfortunately the harsh reality that those kinds of poor choices made in the teenage years can lead to lifetime of addiction and ruin, and even death. Teenagers often do not have a good capacity to consider the long-term consequences of their choices. They tend to act on impulse which makes it much more likely that they will engage in risky behavior without considering what could eventually happen. 

In addition to how devastating addiction can be we are in the middle of the worst drug crisis the world has ever seen. Fentanyl and the opioid crisis has caused a 400% increase in the amount of deaths due to illegal drugs. There has never been such a dramatic jump in the number of deaths caused by any one drug ever. 

Fentanyl is a drug like heroin only it is made in a laboratory but it's 50-100 times more powerful. It is so powerful that it takes to overdose on it is the equivalent to 2 grains of sand. It has also been found in the every kind of street drug available. But why would drug dealers lace their drugs with fentanyl? The answer is because fentanyl, being an opioid, falls into the category of drugs that are the most addictive physically. It is also extremely cheap to buy in it's pure form so the profit margin is many times greater than any other drug,  Dealers are lacing it into all their drugs because they want as many people as possible hooked on fentanyl. It is for these reasons that there has never been a worst time to be a drug user. 

Between how dangerous the drug scene is today and how powerful addiction can be every parent who has an at-risk teen should be doing everything they can to educate them about the very real danger of where addiction and drug use of any kind can lead. 


Vancouver's Downtown Eastside is only 12 blocks long but it is home to over 10,000 hardcore drug addicts and alcoholics and over 2000 homeless people.  Hearing what the addicts have to say and seeing what their lives are like is the most powerful reality check about the dangers of addiction available anywhere and now you can sign up your kids can receive the most important education they will ever get right the privacy of your own home

No other program takes you inside the worst drug ghetto in the Western hemisphere

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

The course is comprised of a series of videos that we've taken while giving the in-person tours. It takes approximately 6 hours to complete the course and each video has been selected for its powerful content and hard-hitting message. Your kids will learn how devastating addiction can be and how easy it is to get caught in addiction by listening to the testimonials of people who are living through a hell they can't get out of.  

What they will see and hear...
  • It all starts with smoking pot and drinking beer...
  • We never thought that partying as teenagers would ever lead to this...
  • Stay in school, listen to your  parents and don't do drugs...
  • If you got problems find a healthy way to deal with them...
  • Consider yourself lucky that you have a roof over your head and a chance to go to school and make a good life for yourself...
  • Doing drugs is like playing Russian Roulette...
  • At first drugs are fun but eventually they take over and control everything that you do. Once you are addicted it's too late...
  • You will cross every line you thought you never would if you become addicted to drugs...
What they will learn...
  • That the use of any substance, regardless of how harmless it seems can lead to a lifetime of pain and misery...
  • That addiction will rob you of every hope and dream you have and take away everything that was ever important to you...
  • How lucky you are to still have a good chance of having a good life...
  • Having a family that cares for you and a nice home to live in are things to be grateful for...
  • How important it is to get a good education...
  • Why it is crucial to find healthy ways to deal with problems and to not turn to drugs to escape feelings...
Get your kid on the right track and keep them there

The effects our program has on kids is dramatic. Years later many of them tell us that our program changed their lives and how well they are doing because they took our program when they were younger. 

Bring harmony back into your home and improve the relationship with your child

Many parents have commented how much their child has changed after taking our program. The kids have a better perspective and a better attitude and are actually grateful for the things and opportunities they have. Parents can see the change and start to trust their kids again. It makes for better relationships all around.  

It's affordable and accessible

Until we started offering the Scared Straight Tour online the only way to give your kids the best education they could get about the dangers of addiction was to come to Vancouver and join one of our tours. There is no needs to spend thousands on airfare and hotels and meals and what not. Now anyone with an internet connection can have access to this very important program for a fraction of what coming on the physical tour would cost.

Teach them the most important lesson they will ever need to learn

There is no denying the ugly reality of the lives of people living in the worst drug-infested ghetto in all of North America. The truths they see and hear by taking our program are simply impossible to ignore. 

Give your kid the best possible chance at having a good life

Staying out of addiction gives a person the best possible chance of having a good life and achieving their full potential. Some things we can't control in life and sometimes tragedy happens. However addiction is one thing that can be avoided if we make the right choices. Teenagers who take our program learn where those poor choices can lead. 

It's flexible, achievable and safe

The program is set up that students can start and stop the course at their leisure as long as it is completed within the allotted time frame. The accompanying quizzes are easy and only require that the student pay attention. The goal is to help them learn, not to make it difficult for them AND you don't have to send your child through the worst drug-infested ghetto in North America. It can all be done from the safety and privacy of your own home. 

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Marie Fisher


I thought is was all just fun and normal...

I was one of those teens that thought that partying, drinking and doing drugs with my friends was just fun and a normal part of growing up. Taking this course opened my eyes and made me realize that I was playing with fire and how easily I could get sucked into addiction. I stopped the partying and changed my friends and just focused on my studies. Now I have a great job and I'm doing really well. 

Carol Numan


My kid was headed for trouble...

My 13 year old son started smoking pot and his attitude changed and then he got into harder drugs. We decided to give this program a try and it really helped. It certainly scared him straight and seems to be on the right track now. We don't know if he will stay there but we are very grateful for the change in the right direction. 

Gary Howard

Student and hockey player

Didn't want to admit it at first...

I was just a normal kid who was into playing sports and hanging out with my buddies. We started drinking and smoking pot when I was 14 and then my parents made me take this course. I wasn't happy about it but they said they would get off my back if I did. I didn't want to admit that I might be headed for trouble but seeing all the addicts down there talk about how that's exactly what they thought when they were my age made me think twice about what I was doing and I decided that it wasn't worth it.

Curious about what's in the course? Have a look!


What's in the course...

Many different things including videos of actual tours. On several occasions we've taken cameras with us while giving groups of youth tours through Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. You will see and hear what you those youth saw when they came on the tour. The video clips include encounters with street addicts, homeless people and drug-addicted prostitutes who share with the kids the ugly reality of what it's like to become an addict.  The encounters are raw and unscripted and extremely impactful. 



Included in the course are several interviews with addicts who are now in recovery but who use to live on the streets of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. They will share with you not only their personal story of how they came to be addicts but the important insights and lessons they've learnt along the way. Hearing their stories and the insanity of where addiction took them is at times hard to believe and will leave you shaken about how easily a person can get sucked into it. 


Fentanyl video

One of the key things we want youth to learn when they come on our tours is how dangerous the drug scene is today. Fentanyl has caused a 400% jump in the amount of deaths caused by illegal drugs and can now be found in every kind of drug being sold on the street. The founder of the Scared Straight Tour is also one of the leading fentanyl experts in all of North America and he narrates this very important video that will leave no doubt as to why there has never been a more dangerous time to be a drug user. 


Informational videos

In order to keep the course material captivating while still being educational, over 90% of the videos are interviews and testimonials with addicts. However we still want youth who take our course to learn some key things like exactly how a person can go from experimenting with drugs to become an addict. Towards this end we've included a few videos we've created that will explain how addiction progresses and what happens in the brain of someone who becomes an addict. 

Comprehensive Assessment Included

Knowing what your child beliefs are that may predispose them to addiction is important but this information is not easy to get. Once your child has finished watching the videos they will have to complete a comprehensive assessment in order to fully complete the course. The questions have been carefully designed to assess what your child thinks on a number of key subjects. Once they have completed the assessment you will receive a copy of it along with a detailed explanation of what each category of subjects was designed to measure and how to use this information to address any lingering issues that may need to be addressed in order to ensure that your child is out of danger. This is an invaluable tool for any parents who seeks to pinpoint and address any subtleties that may cause their child to become addicted to anything.

Want to know what your kids will see? Check out a sample below!


Features included in your membership

Bonus 1

Included in your course membership is a large assortment of additional resources. From downloadable addiction self-assessment test to pamphlets to valuable online resources. You will find these theses bonuses to be extremely valuable and informative.

Bonus 2

If for whatever reason you purchase the membership but cannot get your child to take the course, we will refund your money no questions asked. Click here to learn more.

additional features

As administrator of the membership you have the option of just letting your child complete the course on his own, going through the course with them or going through the course at your own pace while your child progresses at their own pace. But what if you have more than one child? For a small additional fee you can purchase a family membership that will allow up to 4 kids to go through the course.

About The Course Teacher,
Pierre Morais

Pierre is a Certified Clinical Counsellor specializing in addiction, founder of the Scared Straight Tour, one of the leading fentanyl experts in the country and a recovering addict himself. Since 2003 he has taken over 3000 youth through his programs and travelled all across North America doing presentations and training addictions counsellors. In 2017 he was the keynote speaker at the 6th Annual World Congress on Addiction in Prague in the Czech Republic and is considered to be one of the most engaging speakers touring today. He brings the full force of his knowledge, experience and personality into this program and never fails to make a strong impression on everyone he meets or takes his program. 

After growing up with an alcoholic father and almost dying from his own addiction at the age of 27 he has made it his mission in life to educate as many people as       he can about the dangers of addiction. 

Pierre Morais

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

Christian Davis


Very genuine and believable...

I was impressed with how much this guy knew his stuff. I also liked that he wasn't over selling anything. Everything he said was just the plain ugly truth of where addiction can take you. Eventually it was impossible to deny it and he taught me something I really needed to know. 

Barbara Two Crow

Native Counsellor

Great skills and presence...

We've taken several groups of kids on the Scared Straight Tour and we also use the VSST course in our programs here on reserve. Pierre has also visited our reserve on a few occasions to deliver training and workshops. Our community members really like his style and his approach and he connects really well with our youth. We are grateful to have him on our side. 

Bill Mackenzie

School principal

Great course for our students and a great instructor...

We've incorporated the Virtual Scared Straight Tour in our school curriculum and the student engage really well with the program. They weren't that keen when we first introduced them to the program but very quickly they got drawn into it and now they are eager to participate whenever it's time to watch a new video. This course and the instructor are something that the kids can really relate to. 

Here is another one...

Rainbow Lake School Testimonial

This valuable resource is now available at a fraction of  the cost of a standard tour

While coming on one of our tours is undoubtedly one of the best investments a parent can make in their child, it can cost over $3000 to for a parent and child  to come to Vancouver to participate in our program. 

Here is an approximate breakdown of the cost of coming on the Scared Straight Tour

2 return airfare tickets to Vancouver BC: $2000

Car rental for duration of the tour: $300

Cost of the tour itself for parent and child: $500

Additional expenses (travel to airport, passports, meals): $500

However with the Virtual Scared Straight Tour you can get the same exposure to what you would see in Vancouver but without any of the additional costs of having to travel across the continent.

In addition to saving you money you can teach your child the most important lesson they may ever learn from the comfort, privacy and safety of your own home.

We also have special family memberships that will allow you to register 4 of your children for one low price. 

The course is also priced in order to make it affordable to as many families as possible because for us it's not just about the money. It's about helping kids avoid making the wrong choices and saving lives and families. 


For the person who buys this course for themself



  • Immediate Access
  • Additional resources
  • Certificate of completion
  • Money back guarantee
  • Good for one adult

For parents who want to

enroll one child



  • Immediate Access
  • Additional resources
  • Certificate of completion
  • Money back guarantee
  • Good for one parent and
    one child
extended familY

For families with up to four children/students



  • Immediate Access
  • Additional resources
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Money back guarantee
  • Good for families with up to 4 children

100% Refund Guarantee

If for whatever reason you cannot get your child to begin the course within 14 days of purchasing it, we will refund your money in full no questions asked. We offer this guarantee because we want parents to buy our course without being concerned that they may not be able to get their children to comply and start the program. Now there is no need to worry about that. Our goal is to make it easier for you and your family to have the resources you need without being worried about wasting your money. Once they begin the course we will work together to make sure that they continue working through it and make it to the end. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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How will I get my kid to actually take the course?

How long is my membership good for? 

How do you make sure that my child is actually learning this stuff? 

Exactly how does the course work? 

How does your money back guarantee work? 

My personal note

I've been around addiction all my life. I grew up with an alcoholic father and started drinking and using drugs when I was 14. By the time I was 27 I had become seriously suicidal and almost took my own life on several occasions. Eventually I sought help to deal with my abusive childhood and my addiction and after a few years I went back to school so that I could become an addictions counsellor myself. I made it my mission and life to educate people about the dangers of addiction and to make this world a better, healthier place. The Scared Straight Tour has helped thousands of kids avoid getting caught up in the hell that addiction can be but it was only accessible to those who could come to Vancouver. By creating the Virtual Scared Straight Tour we are making this very powerful and important learning opportunity available to everyone. Since we've launched this it has saved thousands of lives and helped kids stay on the right track so that they can fulfill their potential and have a good life and it can help your family too. 

Pierre Morais