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Fentanyl Webinar

Get the information you need about the most dangerous drug to ever come on the scene


The What

What you will learn:

What is Fentanyl and why is it so deadly;

Why drug dealers would intentionally sell a drug that is killing their clients;

How bad the crisis is and how bad it’s going to get;

Why there is no stopping this epidemic and what are the latest drugs to appear;

What can be done about it and how to keep your kids safe;

Plus answers to any questions you may have;

These webinars are interactive!

The Who

Pierre Morais is an addiction expert who for 12 years has been working of the front lines of worst drug-infested ghetto in all of North America: Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. He holds a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology and is one of the leading authorities on the fentanyl crisis in British Columbia. He is going to be one of the keynote speakers at 6th Annual World Congress of Addiction Conference in Prague in August where he will be delivering a talk on how devastating the fentanyl crisis has been here in British Columbia. The information he will share during the webinar contains all the latest stats and developments on the fentanyl situation.

The When

Thursday Mar 9th

1.00pm (PST)

Is that time inconvenient for you?

No problem, the webinar will be recorded and you can view it anytime after the event.

The How

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You will need:

A computer with a reasonably fast internet connection;
A projector, screen and speakers to show the webinar to an audience.

The Cost


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