Come and witness first hand just how devastating addiction can be!

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia

Demographic Information

It is home to over 10,000 hardcore drug addicts and 2000 homeless people;
It is the poorest and most drug-addled district in all of North America;
It is ground zero for the fentanyl epidemic;
Ambulance crews respond to an average of 50 overdose calls per day
in an area only 12 blocks long;

It is without a doubt the most powerful reality check anyone could ever get about how dangerous and devastating addiction can be!

Watch this short video about what you will see if you came on a tour

What’s Included:

  • The tour itself (which takes place over a 36 hour period);
  • 2 nights accommodations at a nice hotel in Downtown Vancouver;
  • All the meals while on the tour;
  • 2 walks through Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (1 evening walk and one daytime walk);
  • One on one interactions with local residents who won’t hesitate to share just how addiction has ruined their lives;
  • A presentation by the Odd Squad (special local police squad who patrol that area and stars of the TV Reality show “The Beat”) ;
  • Presentation by addicts in recovery who will share their stories about how bad things got for them. 
  • Support for participants after the tour is over;

What does it cost?

The tours are all inclusive (see below). You basically just get yourself to Vancouver and we take care of the rest.

  • Per participant: $350
  • Per chaperons:$150

Note: Minimum group size is usually 12 participants and 2 chaperons but special discounted tours are available for smaller groups and families.

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