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Pierre Morais, the founder of The Scared Straight Tour, is a Certified Clinical Counsellor who specializes in addiction. Pierre grew up with an alcoholic father and developed his own serious addiction which almost took his life when he was 27. After getting clean and sober he decided that what he wanted to do with his life was to help others in the way that was when he needed it. He eventually obtained a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology and has been working as a mental and addictions counsellor ever since. His personal experience with addictions and his vast experience working in this field for over 20 years combine to make him one of the most powerful presenters you will ever meet. Whether he is leading a self-improvement workshop or delivering one of his hard hitting presentations on the dangers or addiction, his passion, insight and knowledge will certainly captivate any audience he speaks to.

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Fentanyl: The Deadliest Drug

This presentation is all about why fentanyl is so deadly and why it is becoming the drug of choice for dealers. The information delivered in this presentation comes from many of the leading experts in this field and will make it painfully clear why it is taking over the streets and why there is no stopping it. There has never been a more dangerous time to be a drug user and everyone, parents and teenagers alike, need to hear the information delivered in this presentation. 

The Dangers of Addiction

This presentation highlights the dangers of how addiction can ruin a person’s life. Drawing from his own life experience, his career as an addictions counsellor and 10 years of running “The Scared Straight Tour” in Vancouver’s notorious Downtown Eastside (the worst drug-infested ghetto in all of North America), the presenter delivers a brutal reality check in terms of where addiction can lead. This presentation is hard hitting and very impactful.  Length 1.5 hours.

How Addiction Develops

How does a person go from experimenting with drugs and alcohol to being an addict? This presentation explains how addiction progresses in stages and how easy it is to cross “that invisible line” into addiction without knowing it. Once you’ve seen this presentation you will have a clear understanding of how that can happen and how to identify where a person might be on the process of becoming addicted. Length 1.25 hours.

The Process of Recovery

How does a person go from being addicted to someone who is firmly in recovery from their addiction? What do they have to do to be successful in recovery? What are the common mistakes people make in their attempts to recover from an addiction? These are all important questions that people who are attempting to make these healthy changes need answers to. Using the ancient myth of the 3 Headed Dragon as a model to explain addiction, the presenter clarifies why recovery from addiction requires a multi-pronged approach. This model is very useful because it not only explains addiction but also clearly lays out a path for recovery from addiction. Very insightful. Length 1.5 hours.

The Process of Change

Change is the one constant in the universe that we can sure of. Everything is always changing including ourselves and everything and everyone around us. In fact change is not only a constant in the universe it is in fact essential to the process of life. Anything that doesn’t change will soon cease to exist. It therefor makes sense that we all need to become good at changing and adapting to change. The presenter uses a very easily understood model of the process of change to teach people what they need to know and that they have a natural ability to do so. He then presents a variation on this model to illustrate the same process at work when people are recovering from addiction. Length 1 hour.

Gang Awareness

Drawing from his own life and his work he’s done for 10 years in the worst drug and gang infested ghetto in North America, the presenter debunks the “Myths of Ganglife” and exposes teenagers to the ugly truth about how gangs operate and the fact that most gang members will either wind up dead or in jail. Length 1 hour.

Understanding and Communicating our Feelings

For most of us feelings are complex and often difficult to understand. If someone is never taught about feeling, they cannot be expected to communicate them in a healthy manner that opens the channels of communication rather than generate conflict (which is what often happens when people are emotional and try to talk about it). In this presentation, you will learn about how most of us lack a good understanding of feelings and the beliefs that generate them and are introduced to the ABC Theory of Feeling which clearly explains why each of us are responsible for our own feelings and why the use of “I” statements is really the only healthy way to speak about how we feel. Length 1 hour.

The Proper Use of “I” messages

Are your “I’s” disguised as “U’s”? Many of us are familiar with the concept of “I” messages but unfortunately don’t know how to use them properly. Our “I” statements often turn into “You” messages. For example “I feel hurt when you are being unfair” is a statement that is as much about the other person as it is about ourselves. This incorrect use of the “I” statement is bound to generate conflict rather that open the channels of communication and intimacy (which is what the proper use of an “I” statement should do). Length 45 minutes. (this presentation dovetails nicely with the presentation about Understanding and Communicating our Feelings. Length 1 hour.

Anger Management 101

Anger is one of the most difficult emotions to manage and it often causes us to say and do things we later regret. Drawing from his many years of running anger management courses for court-mandated clients, the presenter explains in very clear terms why our anger is always our responsibility to manage and how to recognize when we are escalating to the point of being in danger of losing control. This presentation is a must for anyone who wishes to learn how to be more grounded even when they are angry. Length 1.5 hours.

The Grieving Process

Grief can be one of the most painful and difficult processes to go through and people often struggle with and get lost in inevitable part of life. Understanding how the grief process works is extremely helpful as it helps people insight into where they might be in that process, if they might be stuck, what the ultimate goal is and how to get there. In this presentation a stage model of grieving is presented and explained. While this presentation is mostly centered around the grief regarding the loss of a loved one, which is often the most painful loss any of us can endure, it is useful for anyone who is struggling with loss of any kind. Length 1 hour.

Assessing where clients are in the Process of Change

Using Prochaska and DiClemente “Wheel of Change”, participants learn how to assess where clients are in terms of their readiness for facing and dealing with an issue that they are presented with. Depending on where the client is in that process, the therapist will have to adjust his/her tactics to help the client along the change process. Length 1.5 hours.

Working with Resistance

Whether it’s because clients are just not ready to face their issues or they are being coerced into coming to counselling, resistance is something that every counsellor faces in their daily work. In this presentation, several strategies of using resistance to build a working alliance with the client are presented and demonstrated. Length 1.25 hours.

Introduction to Voice Dialogue Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is the most commonly used modality to help clients deal with unwanted beliefs, attitudes and behaviors. The main principle in CBT is to the challenge the underlying beliefs and change, or discard them. While this can be very powerful and effective, sometimes a gentler approach is needed. Voice Dialogue therapy is a modality that honors the part of the person who is engaging in the behavior that is deemed undesirable and through that process helps the client regain the ability to choose when to allow that part of themselves to take control of a given situation. This is a very powerful yet gentle and respectful way of working with clients. Length 2 hours.


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