Fentanyl Crisis in North America!

Fentanyl is the latest and mostly deadly drug to hit the streets in the last 20 years and the amount of overdoses due to Fentanyl has reached epidemic proportions in every city in North America. The amount of deaths caused by Fentanyl is staggering and unlike anything else ever seen in the entire history of drug trafficking. Schools, parents, churches and civic officials are all struggling to try to find ways to slow the devastation but have limited resources at their disposal.

Pierre Morais is a Certified Clinical Counsellor who holds a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology who specializes in addiction. He runs a program called The Scared Straight Tour where youth are given extended tours (36 hours) of the worst drug-infested ghetto in all of North America: Vancouver, BC’s, Downtown Eastside. Within a 6 block radius there are over 10,000 hardcore drug addicts and over 2000 homeless people.

In his live webinar entitled: Fentanyl: The Invisible Killer!, Pierre reveals the truth about the drug scene today and how there is no such thing as safe drugs anymore. Drawing from his 20 years experience as an addictions counsellor, the 12 years he’s spent giving Scared Straight Tours and his own addiction which almost cost him his life, he delivers a powerful, hard-hitting reality check about the dangers of drugs like Fentanyl and how any drug use today is extremely dangerous due to the fact that most of the drugs on the streets now are much more powerful than anything that existed 20 years ago and also because it’s become common practice for drug dealers to lace all of their drugs with powerful opiates like Fentanyl in an attempt to boost the potency of their product and recruit more customers. For example, over 80% of people admitted to detox centers are now testing positive for Fentanyl and they had no idea that there was Fentanyl in the drugs they purchased.

Pierre has been invited to present in over 300 schools and Aboriginal communities throughout North America and everywhere he goes he is told that his presentations are amongst the most powerful they’ve ever seen. Him and his program, The Scared Straight Tour, have been featured on numerous newscasts including national ones.

Due to the threat that Fentanyl poses to young people today and the fact that it’s simply impossible for Pierre to visit every community that would like to have him come and deliver this presentation in person, we’ve decided to offer Live Webinars in order to reach more communities and make the important message that he has to share more accessible to everyone.

The webinars are live & interactive (meaning that audiences can ask questions) and Pierre will do his best to respond to them. All that is required is to have a computer, a projector and a screen, a set of speakers and to click the link we will send you to log into the live webinar at the designated time.