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If you’ve been on a tour and just received a Confirmation email then congratulations you have been just registered for our “After the Tour” email list.!

Here you will find our Substance Using Survey

It is a very simple questionaire that only takes 1 minute to complete but it can really help you maintain a life free from addiction. There are 3 categories of questions to assess how often you use drugs and alcohol, how much, and what you believe about using drugs and alcohol. Click the link below to see and open up a copy of the survey. Once you answered the questions and added up your scores, return to this page and check what your scores mean.


Substance Use Survey




NOTE: this file is in PDF format so you will need Acrobat Reader (or some other compatible program) to view them. Most computers have this software installed. If you do not, you can download it for free, click here!

Of course if you don’t use at all, then you can indicate that on the questionaire. Obviously you can always lie but you will onlybe hurting youself by doing so because you are the only person who will ever see these results. Remember that this survey is to help you in your life so be honest with yourself and everything will be fine.

Good luck and stay strong. Remember that you’re friends aren’t really your friends if they are trying to get you to do something that can ruin your life. Don’t forget we would still like to see your pictures and heard your comments on our facebook page (just click our facebook page link on the right side of this page).


Pierre Morais
Founder of The Scared Straight Tour

Check out what your score means!

 0-Great! You are doing fantastic. Scoring a 0 on your test means that you have not drank or done drugs in at least 30 days and don’t believe in using them. The best way to never become addicted to anything is to not use. Keep up the good work!

1-6: If you scored a 1 to 6 on your test it most likely means that you are using drugs or alcohol in a responsible way. Using
responsibly means that you never get wasted and use them only lightly on  occasion (meaning rarely).  While any use
of drugs and alcohol makes it more likely that you will someday become addicted to them, you could be fine as long as you never start using them more heavily than you are now.

7-12: Problematic use. If your scored anywhere from a 7 to a 12 then you are either in trouble already or could be headed for it. Scoring this high means that you don’t use drugs or alcohol lightly or infrequently and/or that you believe that semi-regular use of these substances is ok. This is the beginning of getting caught up in addiction. This is how it all starts.  Not everyone who uses drugs or alcohol to this level will develop a serious problem, but as you heard when you came on the tour that’s how it all started for everyone who you met in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. You need to cut back your involvement with drugs and alcohol and talk to someone you can trust (an  adult, a school counsellor, your parents, etc.) if you need some help.

13-18: Anyone who scores this high already has a serious problem. You are using drugs and/or alcohol frequently and usually get pretty buzzed when you do and think that it’s OK. Addiction already has a hold on you and your life is already being seriously impacted by the choices you are making. You need to quit using and get some help. At this point, you should be considering going into an addiction treatment program.

19-24: At this level you are using drugs/alcohol heavily and most of the time. You definitely have a serious addiction and will need help to overcome your problem. Contact a drug & alcohol counsellor and check yourself into a treatment program. If you don’t quit using, your life will wasted due to your addiction.

Pierre Morais

About the author

Pierre Morais is the founder of The Scared Straight Tour, a highly sought-after speaker and presenter and a recovered addict himself. After addiction almost cost him his life, we went on to obtain a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology with a specialty in addiction. He founded The Scared Straight Tour in 2004 and has taken several thousand youth on tours.