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Tours of the worst drug infested ghetto in North America which is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. A very powerful reality check about the dangers of addiction.

virtual scared straight tours

Powerful videos and other resources for people who cannot come to Vancouver, BC for a Scared Straight Tour but still wish to learn about how dangerous drug use is and how devastating addiction can be.


We deliver powerful hard-hitting presentations about dangers of addiction to schools, Native Bands, Companies & front line workers. The same impact as onsite presentations but at a fraction of the cost.


Log into one of our powerful webinars. From information to what is happening on the streets with drugs like fentanyl to understanding how to deal with someone you love who has an addiction.

Protect yourself and your children by learning the truth about the drug scene today



Addiction is very powerful. Our programs are designed to match. Our tours, videos and other resources are very impactful.



We offer a full range of services.
From education to treatment to public awareness campaigns. Everything you need is right here at your fingertips.



Our programs are unlike anything else. From giving ghetto tours to clever design. We are on the cutting edge of delivering addiction services.



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About the founder

Pierre Morais is the founder of The Scared Straight Tour, a highly sought-after speaker and presenter and a recovered addict himself. After growing up in an abusive alcoholic household and after addiction almost cost him his life, he got into recovery and went on to obtain a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology with a specialty in addiction. He founded The Scared Straight Tour in 2004 and has been changing the lives of thousands of youth ever since.

He travels extensively throughout North America giving talks, leading workshops, implementing programs and acting as a consultant on addiction services.  In 2017 he  was the keynote speaker at the 6th Annual World Congress of Addiction Conference in Prague in the Czech Republic.  Teaching others about the dangers of addiction and helping those who are caught up in it has been Pierre’s mission in life. His passion and dedication to this work as well as his knowledge of addiction and what is happening on the streets today combine to make him one of the most powerful speakers you are ever likely to meet.

400% increase in the number of drug overdoses due to fentanyl.

Get informed and be prepared

My kids were headed down the wrong path and we watched the videos together. It had a big impact on them and they are doing much better now. It was the best money I ever spent. Every parent should do this.

Meridith F.

Single mom, Philadelphia, PA.

We purchased a Virtual Scared Straight Tour membership for our school and the teachers showed the videos to the students and used it as a launching point for an open discussion about drugs and addiction. It’s one of the best investments we’ve made. I think every educator should have access to this valuable resourse.

James Stapley

Prinicipal, Oak Ridge High School

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